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Set and Reset*
A Contemporary Dance Workshop
with Parijat Desai
Technique + Exercises in Creative Process

Thursday 12/18, 10:00a to 1:00p
Friday, 12/19, 10:00a to 1:00p
Saturday, 12/20,  2:00p to 5:00p
as part of the
Awareness and Dance Integration Intensive

Starting with a technique class, we warm the joints, activate the body's energies, and find our center line. We hone various qualities of movement through floor and standing exercises, exploring carving, release, momentum and suspension; and close technique class with learning a dance phrase. During the third hour of the workshop, we'll take up interactive choreography exercises, investigating ways to set and manipulate dance phrases.

Parijat Desai is a New York–based choreographer. She returns to India after completing a 2013–2014 Fulbright grant, working in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

*Set and Reset is also the title of a seminal work by American choreographer Trisha Brown.

Shoonya Center for Art and Somatic Practices
4th Floor, Rear Wing Brahmananda Court
#37 Lal Bagh Road 
Bangalore 560027 India

  Photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie, Performers: Aditi Dhruv, Anjali Tata, Parijat Desai
...a major talent who bears watching...offering clean, crisp, rhythmic
attacks...a powerhouse-  Los Angeles Times
...bold, definitive interpretations...clarity and flair predominate-  India Post