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Contemporary Dance
with Parijat Desai

Want to find balance between strength and release, precision and flow, or—to get technical—proprioception and anga shuddham? Join us for the next Contemporary Dance class series~

This technique class integrates full-bodied contemporary movement with gesture, posture, and rhythmic elements of Indian classical dance. Class weaves detail and rousing rhythms with exercises for alignment, momentum, gravity, breath, suspension, and length. We dance to an array of Indian and other music styles.

Level: Advanced Beginning/Slow Intermediate (depending on who's present)
Some dance experience required. Drop-ins welcome.

Wednesdays 7:30-9:00p
March 14, 21, 28 + April 4
Randy Warshaw Studio
115 Wooster Street, #2F
b/t Prince and Spring

DISCOUNT: $1 off PER Facebook RSVP PER class
RSVP on the FB Event Page or on the PDDC FB Wall
Any questions? E-mail info@parijatdesai.org.

We can't enter more than 15 min before class. Our host will be downstairs to let you in 7:15-7:30p. She requests folks not to use buzzer til after 7:30p, and to be quiet while class before us completes.
Once inside, walk up to 2nd floor, turn L out of the stairwell, go through green door, down the short hall, and turn R.

  Photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie, Performers: Aditi Dhruv, Anjali Tata, Parijat Desai
...a major talent who bears watching...offering clean, crisp, rhythmic
attacks...a powerhouse-  Los Angeles Times
...bold, definitive interpretations...clarity and flair predominate-  India Post