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Rewired: Iterations of a Dance by Parijat Desai
Cantor Center for the Arts

Arranged by Diane Frank
Performed by Katherine Hawthorne, Christina Landry, Alexandra McKeon,
Nia Amina Minor, Linda Phung, Mindy Phung,
Samantha Smith-Eppsteiner, Abby Williams, Stav Zi
Sunday, May 17, 2009
1-2:30 pm | Free and open to the public

Sponsored by Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SiCa) and Stanford Dance Division

This dance performance project is an amplification of what was originally a trio fusing two concert forms: classical Indian Bharata Natyam and post-modern dance. Here, it is a triple trio cast of nine dancers. The material of the piece is fractured, layered, structured in response to the architectural and landscape features of the Cantor Museum and grounds.

The design elements of the dance are striking in much the same way that the Cantor architectural features hold our attention. In situating the dancers as living sculpture, we throw the architectural features of the Museum into high relief. The dance is an on-going, unfolding event over the course of the afternoon. We hope that museum-goers will happen upon it as the iterations assemble/unfold/dissolve and reassemble over time.

The Cantor iterations are based on "Rewired", a trio from the repertory of Parijat Desai. A New York-based choreographer who explores the dynamic contemporary intersection of dance forms. Desai draws upon her own embodied understanding Southeast Asian dance and contemporary concert dance. Desai's Winter quarter residency at Stanford, as an IDA artist, gave the Dance Division the unique opportunity to develop a parallel repertory project during Desai's stay.

With support from Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts, Desai taught her trio to three casts of dancers. The original conception was to dance the work in its trio form, rotating the casts. But the act of rehearsing the three lines of the dance simultaneously in Roble's large studio brought forth a rich alternative structure. The strong design features of the dance -- the patterns, rhythms, and gestures -- immediately suggested larger possibilities and permutations of nine. Further, both Indian classical dance and post-modern dance have in common a history of outdoor, site-sensitive performance.

Diane Frank, in collaboration with Desai, has structured iterations of Rewired for the Cantor Art Center landscape and grounds. One might follow all of the many sections as the afternoon progresses. Or, like most museum guests, one might happen upon sections and fragments while exploring the exhibits and grounds. There is no right way to view the work. Fragmented or whole, up close or from a distance, single gesture or full phrase -- all permutations are opportunities to delight in the creative fusion of Desai's Rewired.

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  Photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie, Performers: Aditi Dhruv, Anjali Tata, Parijat Desai
...a major talent who bears watching...offering clean, crisp, rhythmic
attacks...a powerhouse-  Los Angeles Times
...bold, definitive interpretations...clarity and flair predominate-  India Post